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    This flower shaped confetti contains flower seeds that grow into wildflowers. It is hand made and biodegradable so it leaves no waste. Via

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  3. The paradox in not thinking for yourself, especially in today’s Eastern Europe

    Given recent year’s trends in Eastern Europe - that Washington Post’s Fareed Zakaria labeled as ‘Putyinism’ - this consideration might be relevant:

    "The more absolute the tyranny, the more debilitated the subject, the more tempting to him to ‘regain’ strength by becoming part of the tyranny and thus enjoy its power. In accepting all this one can attain, or reattain, some inner integration through conformity. But the price one must pay is to identify with the tyranny without reservation; in brief to give up autonomy.”

    - Bruno Bettelheim

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    Full video here.

    they make it look so graceful

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  5. David Irvine - ‘upcycled’ thrift store paintings


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  6. A thought from 1960, still holds.

    "A ready parallel is the youngster who hates school but still tries for good grades because he needs them for later advancement. But nobody can do really well at what he dislikes or has low opinion of. So most of these youngsters fail to make the good grades. Another example is that of the many middle class parents who are highly critical of existing schools but still want their children to do well in settings which, according to them, are not fit to do well in. The miracle is that in spite of being projected into such contradictions some of our young people do quite well. Only one wonders: at what needless emotional expense?"

    - Bruno Bettelheim - The Informed Heart, 1960


  7. Danger of the machine age

    "…for the first time we are living in an age when material comfort is possible for almost everyone. But if this, because it is so much more available, is sought not in addition to emotional contentment but in lieu of it, then there is danger of our becoming addicted to it. We will need more and more technological progress to cover up emotional want and discomfort. This, as I see it, is the only danger of the machine age. But it is neither necessary nor inherent in it.”

    - Bruno Bettelheim - The Informed Heart


  8. Bruno Bettelheim on the dangers of modern society

    "The experience of growing vagueness about who one is, the sense of restricted autonomy, is fostered by modern mass society in other ways too, including the following:

    1. by making it harder for man to develop, and therefore live by, his own standards; because if so many choices are possible, if so many ways of life are viable, then one’s own way is not so important and the ability to follow it need not be developed;

    2. by at the same time fostering an illusion of greater freedom; which makes the experience of failing to satisfy one’s desire more damaging;

    3. by presenting man with many more choices than anyone can reasonably be expected to handle well on his own;

    4. by failing to provide in his early and later education, examples or guide lines on how and which of his instinctual desires may be gratified.”

    - Bruno Bettelheim - The Informed Heart

  9. Sumo fighters crammed in a plane… It’s like when you’re trying to pretend that you’re comfortable in the chair of a 5-year-old’s tea party set.